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There are Flexigester Systems installed in a number of African countries providing treatment for sanitation waste direct from pour-flush latrines, animal waste and kitchen waste and converting it to Biogas for cooking and Biofertiliser for use in the growing of crops.

Projects undertaken

The Flexigester System has been developed to provide one simple solution to address many of the challenges facing communities in the Global South. It can bring benefits to those communities in agriculture, sanitation, employment and health; it can provide sanitation in emergency aid situations; it can help the practice of responsible tourism and much more.

Versatility in use

The Flexigester kit is an anaerobic digestion system made from flexible black butyl rubber which converts organic waste into biofertiliser and biogas.

Flexigester Sewage Isolation Bag (SIB) - designed for the containment, control and treatment of sewage in temporary camps.

Products available


Flexigester System

Testing integrity of Flexigester V10 Flexigester S14 in MalawiFlexigester V10 packed in a crate

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The Flexigester System is the first rapid deployment anaerobic digestion system with a capacity of 10 tonnes and above