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Flexigester V10 - How it works

The Flexigester V10 System can be installed in a few hours. A shallow trench (12 m long 1.5 m wide and 0.75 m deep) is lined with the base membrane and the Flexigester body is unrolled into it. The gas pipe is cut to the required length and is used to connect the Flexigester to the Gas Pressure Regulator and then to the Biogas storage bag using the push and clip fittings provided. The Flexigester is then ready for use.

Digging the trench for Flexigester S14 in Namisu, Malawi


Laying out the Flexigester S14 in Namisu, Malawi


Waste materials are added to the digester by gravity feed or using a simple roller pump. Two separate input pipes allow different types of waste to be introduced into the Flexigester. The waste may be blended with water prior to addition to make them pourable.

Once the digester is full, the level is maintained as the Biofertiliser output pipe acts as an overflow. The material that comes out of the digester may either be piped to another location by gravity or held in the Biofertiliser collector depending on the local circumstances.  

The Biogas collects in the Biogas storage bag and from here it can be piped directly to the kitchen for use.

Operating parameters

Installation Operation Specification